How Hard Is It for Adults to Learn How to Ski?

How Hard Is It for Adults to Learn How to Ski?

A skiing vacation can be great fun and a wonderful way to enjoy the snow. However, if you have never set foot on a ski slope, you might be terrified at the prospect. After all, although skiing might look easy enough, you have probably seen many people fall as they try to move about, and you may have also heard about accidents on the slopes. So, is it difficult for adults to learn how to ski? 

Can Adults Learn to Ski Easily? 

As with most things in life, it is generally easier for children to learn to ski, but this does not mean that adults cannot pick up the basics quickly. As long as you are willing to learn and are not afraid to fall down, you may find that you get the hang of it easily enough. 

Some people are worried that they will look silly on their skis because they don’t know what they are doing but rest assured that you are unlikely to be the only adult on the baby slopes. In fact, these days, there is likely to be quite a few adults just like you who have never skied before and who require just as much training as you do. 

How to Prepare for Ski Training? 

Learning to ski is physically demanding and you are likely to be very achy and stiff at the end of the first day of training. You can help to mitigate this by doing some stretching and strengthening exercises in the weeks coming up to your vacation. The more flexible you are, the less you will ache; it will also reduce your risk of an injury. 

It can also help to familiarize yourself with the different ski terms before heading to the slopes (or pistes as they are also known). Depending on where you visit, you might hear the different pistes referred to by a color. The colors represent the level of difficulty. In general, green slopes are the easiest and is where you are likely to spend most of your time as a beginner. Blue slopes are intermediate while red is for advanced skiers. The black-labelled slopes are reserved for expert skiers. 

You will need to have the right equipment for skiing, which means appropriate clothing and skis. According to the folk at Canyon Sports, ski rental is a good idea when learning to ski, as opposed to buying skis. Not everyone enjoys skiing, so renting will give you an opportunity to see if it is something that you would like to pursue. Some people will only ever ski when they go on vacation, so buying skis would not make much sense. 

However, while you can rent your skis, you may have to purchase your skiing outfit. This will ensure you get clothing that will fit you and that matches your style (if that is important to you). As well as ski jacket and trousers, you will need warm under-clothing such as thermals, a warm hat, thick pair of gloves, and some ski goggles to protect your eyes from flying snow and the glare of the sun. A helmet is not mandatory but is advised, especially for beginners who are more likely to fall as they are learning. 


Learning to ski as an adult does not have to be difficult, but it is tiring. To prepare for your ski training, you should exercise and stretch your muscles in the weeks leading up to your first lesson. You will also need to make sure you have the necessary equipment to get started.