Top 5 Countries You Must Visit in Your Life

The world is divided into several topographical distinctions and has various landmarks around to view and be amazed. Individuals visit different places around the world to find the majestic structures, witnessing the wildlife or even cruising down the vast ocean. Among the different places to visit in the world, this article sheds light on the top 5 countries that one must visit to get a glimpse of the finest landmarks and cultural life. Let us check the places depicted below for the readers to check.


Top 5 Countries You Must Visit in Your Life

India is a thriving country rich with humongous architectural feats with a diverse culture. India has all the topographical terrains of the world with plains, plateaus, hills, mountains, and even the greatest natural delta after the Amazon. With thousands of landmarks spread across the country, the Taj Mahal in Agra is considered one of the wonders of the world. Again, visitors can check the Red Fort in Delhi and see the architecture and culture of the Mughals. Further west, India is home to Bollywood with the movies being made at Mumbai. Mumbai is also famous for its desolate Marine Drive and Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Andheri. The east and south are connected with the Bay of Bengal which is famous for the seafood there.


Top 5 Countries You Must Visit in Your Life

Austria is a beautiful country in the Alps that is home to the world’s best artists and their arts. Austria is famous for its old towns and medieval architecture with the cool climate to enjoy our time. Travelers looking for a good vacation can visit Austria and enjoy the skiing resorts here. Among the different places to visit here, the most famous are the Alps, Innsbruck, Vienna, and Salzburg. If travelling from UAE then make sure to apply for Austria Visa from Dubai in advance to get the best deals and offers. Vienna and Innsbruck constitute most of the cultural heritage and amazing architectural structures around the city. Austria is also famous for its beautiful vineyards and hosts the best red wines in the country.


Top 5 Countries You Must Visit in Your Life

China, the second most populated country in the world has some of the best ethereal places and landmarks to visit. Starting from the Forbidden City located in Beijing which houses a 180-acre complex filled with ancient artifacts and manuscripts to the Terracotta Army created in remembrance of the first emperor of China. These artifacts give in-depth knowledge of the life of the Chinese civilization. China tourist visa must be applied at least 2-3 months before hand to avoid any unprecedented situation. Visitors can also set sail over the Yellow River and visit the Great Wall of China to awe at the colossal architecture.


Top 5 Countries You Must Visit in Your Life

Belgium is regarded as a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and lush green fauna around. The country is also famous for its cultural heritage and intricate architecture. Visitors trying to visit this country can spend their time in Brussels or Bruges and enjoy the beer, chocolate, and the best ice creams here. Again, travelers can enjoy the Waterloo Memorial built in honor of the 63,000 casualties in the war. Individuals can also check the Waterloo fields from Lion Hill where the war was waged. 


Top 5 Countries You Must Visit in Your Life

Japan is again a beautiful country having gained independence before the birth of Christ. Japan is famous for its stunning orchids, picturesque landscapes, and the cultural heritage of the local people. Visitors can enjoy the purple-hued orchids and the red cherry blossoms at the Kawachi Fuji Garden and the Ueno Park. Tourist can spend their quiet time watching the beautiful coastline of Matsushima Bay or enjoy the Himeji Castle or the White Heron Castle. Travelers can also take a trip to the island of Honshu to get a glimpse of the Mount Fuji stratovolcano there.

Bottom Line

These are the 5 most important places to visit around the world and check their cultural diversity along with their traditional heritage. Tourists and visitors can visit India to view the Taj Mahal or set sail to Belgium to spend time at the ski resorts. It is important to conduct research before opting out to visit any country for a splendid time at that place.

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