Enjoy Gorgeous Views of Hurghada with Booking.com

Enjoy Gorgeous Views of Hurghada with Booking.com

Located in the south of Cairo, is a beautiful area of Hurghada, a resort town at the gorgeous red Sea. Known all around the world for being the best in water sports activities, Hurghada has many amazing tourism attraction sites which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. Apart from the natural beauty, the area also has some amazing ancient heritage sites, desserts, bars, discos, and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself. Book your favorite sites, tickets, and restaurants with Booking.com in advance and enjoy them at lower prices with the use of the Booking.com voucher code.

Luxor Temples and Tombs: 

Get a glimpse of the ancient sites with a tour of Temples and Tombs at Luxor for the entire day and enjoy the ancient history of Egypt. This private tour will give you insight into the ancient culture, their lifestyle and the religion they used to follow. The tombs of different ancient kings and leaders in this trip will also fascinate you along with Colossi of Memnon. If you want to make your travel fantastic and memorable, you must use the services of booking.com. You can use this platform to book your tickets and hotels. You can also find your desired destinations. The use of Booking.com voucher code can bring good savings for you.  

Grand Glass Aquarium:

The Hurghada Grand Aquarium is a must-visit place on your tour to the area. The 24-meter long glass walkway will bring you up close with the aquatic creatures of the Red sea. You can stroll through 22 exhibits and spot more than a thousand marine species in the area. And if you take this trip in the afternoon, you can also enjoy the live feeding session of these marine animals. Book your grand aquarium tour now at a lower rate with the use of the Booking.com voucher code.

Makadi Water Theme Park: 

If you are in the mood for some fun time at Hurghada, then get access to Makadi Water World for the entire day. Enjoy more than 50 rides in these water theme parks, thrilling slides, different pools, and a water gaming area. Booking the ticket via Booking.com will include lunch as well. It is a best place to visit for children and adults because it has lot of things to enjoy. When you use the online app of booking.com you can book your tickets in advance. The use of Booking.com voucher code is also highly recommended as it can offer big discounts on travel services for you. 

Sahara Dessert Tour: 

Buckle up for an 8-hour adventure at the Sahara Dessert along with camel rides, dune buggies, and quad bikes. This tour will let you enjoy the dessert rides along with amazing traditional food, hot beverages, and some belly dance with live Bedouin music. In order to make your travel feasible and best, you can head to booking.com. Book your dessert tour at an amazing price with the Booking.com voucher code.

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