General Information About Symphony Of The Seas: The Largest Cruise Ship In Service?

The Largest Cruise Ship In Service?

There are a lot of cruise ships in service but the largest among them is the Symphony of the Seas, its port of registry is located in the Bahamas. It is a cruise ship designed for vacationing purposes as it has a double occupancy of 5,518 and a maximum holding capacity of about 6,680 passengers.

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Description of the Symphony of Seas

It is owned and operated by the Royal Caribbean International, it was built in Saint Nazaire, France by Chantiers de Atlantic and its construction cost about $1.35 billion. The Symphony of the Seas is the fourth in the Royal Caribbean Oasis Class of Ships, with the addition of the Symphony of the Seas, they have 25 ships in total. She was laid down on the 29th of October 2015 and officially launched on the 9th June 2017. The construction of the Symphony of the Seas was sponsored by Alexa, Carlos, and Ocean PenaVega.

With a gross tonnage of 228,081 which is equivalent to 361 meters also having a length of 1,184 feet and width of 65.7 meters (16 feet) and a height of 72.5 meters (238 feet) the Symphony of the Seas can hold up a maximum capacity of 6,680 passengers and can contain 2,200 crew members. She is powered by 6 marine diesel engines which allow her to reach a speed of 41kilometers-per-hour.

Design of the Symphony of the Seas

The Symphony of the Seas has a lot of inbuilt facilities such as 7 distinct neighborhoods, an outdoor aquatic theatre, mini soccer pitch, three multi-story giant water slides, an ice skating rink, a 1400 seat theatre, basketball court, spa, sauna, 2 rock climbing walls and many other facilities which allow passengers to enjoy their cruising moments. The Symphony of Seas is designed to suit vacations need and make them a splendid one for its passengers.

Comparing the Symphony of the Seas to the Titanic

Most people have believed that the Titanic is larger than the Symphony of Seas but the truth is that the Symphony of Seas is about 5 times larger than the Titanic.

Let’s see some statistics:

In terms of length, the Titanic measures 882 feet and 9 inches long, while the Symphony of Seas measures 1,184 feet 5 inches.

In terms of weight, the Titanic weighs 46,328 gross tones compared to the Symphony of Seas which weighs 228,081 gross tones.

Voyage of the Symphony of the Seas

Before making her maiden voyage on the 7th of April 2018, the Symphony of Seas made her first passenger cruise on the 31st of March 2018, she spent her first few months sailing in Europe and arrived in Miami on a Friday after a 12-night voyage from Barcelona. In January 2019, while she was docked in Nassau, Bahamas, one of her passengers jumped overboard but survived. In August 2019, she recorded the death of a passenger who went overboard after a seven-day Caribbean cruise.

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