What Are The Most Common Emergencies When Travelling

What Are The Most Common Emergencies When Travelling

As humans we tend to get involved with different activities in our daily lives, the importance of ensuring our safety in carrying out those activities cannot be overemphasized. Safety should be considered be it at home, school or while travelling. When in an unfamiliar place, it is important to take note of emergency exits around the location in case of any eventuality, there would be a way of escape.

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Some people get a panic attack when the thoughts of travelling come to mind, this panic attack can be induced due to their fear of water, height or past experiences. So many accidents occur during travelling this has led to the loss of lives, injuries, and other negative impacts.

There are several common safety precautions and emergencies for people travelling to consider before planning on the journey. Below are some common emergencies while travelling and tips on how to handle them.

· Lost luggage

This is a common occurrence with people travelling over a long distance. Some instances can lead to loss of luggage. Luggage can be lost during the time taken to connect flights, it can be lost when your luggage is identical to another passenger own and it is swapped when alighting the plane or bus, theft can also lead to loss of luggage. Also, the loss of luggage begins at the point of checking in, if the tag attached to your luggage bears a different location from your location or if the luggage is placed in a different form the flight you board, this can lead to a loss of luggage. To avoid such, you need to verify the location on your bag tag at the point of checking in, ensure you file for a lost luggage claim within 24 hours. Also, ensure your hand luggage comes with a name tag to avoid swapping bag mistakenly.

· Lost or stolen Credit Card

Criminals now tend to steal credit cards as this contains vital information on the chip of the card and also can be used to defraud one. If your credit card is either lost or stolen, your first point of call should be the issuing bank. It is advisable to have the customer care contact of your issuing bank or check online through their website for details. Once a complaint is made, the issuing bank can block the card thus preventing any authorized access. It is also important to report to local authorities so you’ll not be implicated when the card is used for fraudulent activities.

· Lost passport

Losing a passport can lead to unpleasant outcomes especially if it is an international trip. It is advisable to have a photocopy of your passport, this would help out in the meantime before you locate your embassy or consulate. Ensure you report to the police immediately you notice your passport is missing and also visit your embassy to get another passport which would take some days to be ready but be prepared to fill out paperwork and also pay some fees.